Whatever Happened to Billy? | Whatever Happened to Billy?
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Whatever Happened to Billy?

My Father Norman Rankin initially composed a version of his life story for his immediate family in 2002. As a committee member of the Spitfire Association some parts of his memoirs were printed in their monthly journal ‘Spitfire News’. In the last 3 years of his life he was still working on the manuscript and he discussed it with me many times. Born in Bangalow, Northern New South Wales, his family moved to Grafton when he was 10. At age 20, he signed up for the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) with his best mate Jack Yarra DFM.


After training, Norman saw service in India, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Burma (Myannmar) and the islands North of Australia at the time Australia was on the verge of being invaded by the Japanese. Dad was a great Aussie character – a larrakin country boy, from a family of modest means, who had an adventurous childhood before service in WW2. After the war, he and his young family moved to Sydney and with characteristic enthusiasm of the post war years built a home in the suburbs of Sydney. He also had an extensive career in the Electricity Distribution Industry.